This year / 12021

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions and all that..


I recently started using a gratitude journal from these guys (they are really cool!) in an attempt to short circuit my subconscious a bit, as I found that my subconscious kinda likes to sabotage me (so I thought I’d have a go at sabotaging it for a change).
Basically, I’ve been achieving things that I had set as goals before and, instead of being happy, I am always in a bit of a “what now” limbo. So a few weeks ago I started giving this gratitude journal a go in an attempt to enjoy the journey a bit more and not just continuously look for the next finish line.
In that spirit I am gonna have a look at what I am grateful for this year.

  1. After 2020 being such a mad year with a lot of new freelance clients, we were able save enough to get our first house by the end of it 🏡 and this year we grew the household to 2 dogs 🐶 2 cats 🐱 & 2 us 👫 . It’s been super nice to have my partner working remotely too, as that gave us more flexibility in doing stuff together as opposed to me being able to do whatever whenever and him being tied to a 9-5 schedule 💻
  2. All this freelancing also got me to a point that I was able to get my brother to start working with me. There’s been a lot of learning & teaching but in a couple days we will be working together for a year now 🎉 He has had 3 pay rises and can now manage stuff by himself (he’s also launched his own project recently – really proud of him for that 🥲). Having him along gave me some time for my own projects and I’ve recently started going through my idea’s list at a 1 project / month rate 🚀, which I’m really enjoying!
  3. We started playing golf and I love it! I am super shit at it but the golf courses are serene AF and untangle my brain, so I love being on them 🧘‍♀️
  4. Linking into that, it seems like this was also the year that I started becoming a bit more comfortable with being shit at stuff 💩 (like golf, writing & being on twitter) Which I am actually grateful for! It takes a lot of the pressure off and lets me enjoy these things, which in turn might actually help me get better at them.

🐇But as I was saying..

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I think that all this “new year, new me” is bullshit, initially pushed on us by dieting companies & any others with an agenda.


I do like having goals! The difference between the 2, imo, is that with the resolutions construct you have a limited time to achieve things and if you get there sooner, or later it becomes either a “what now” or a “fuck I failed” type thing.

I think that if you wanna do something you should just do it and stop waiting for the right moment, as the reality is, there’s never a right moment.. maybe you broke a toe today, maybe your cat’s spat out a fur ball, whatever your situation.. just do the thing that you wanted to do and stop postponing it!

Goals wise, I’ve started working on them already, but here they are:

  1. Crack audience building & B2C
  2. Switch my income from 100% freelance to 80% projects based & 20% freelance
  3. Get my driver to 180 yards carry (I know that’s not great lol, but my current max is 150, so 180 sounds like a reasonable goal)
  4. Travel with my new British passport
  5. Get closer to working on something that will help extend human lifespans

🍾 Let 12022 commence!