My first Python app

I’ve been making things for a while, but somehow, at some point everything ended up becoming a wordpress website for me. Which don’t get me wrong, is fine when quickly testing out some ideas, but recently it started to feel limiting.

From what I’ve been reading it seems like python covers quite a few use cases and with all the new AI things popping up all the time I’ve been dying to make some stuff myself. So after playing around with chatGPT last weekend I thought this is a perfect chance to:

  1. play with this new tool and see what its limits are
  2. start learning how python works, at least the basics (I learn better by making & breaking things)
  3. maybe even make something fun in the process

So that’s pretty much how came to be! It’s a web app made with a lot of help from an AI (chatGPT), that uses another AI (GPT-3) to come up with some words of encouragement for entrepreneurs when they need it 🦾

It’s not a monetised project. It only has one page. It only does one thing. But I’ve had sooo much fun making it 😃 it actually felt a bit like getting a glimpse into the future!

I’ve documented the process on twitter in this thread if you are curious about my back & forth with chatGPT 🙂 ⬇️