The other shoe

It was summer ‘22 and I had an amazing month. My side project started taking off. I reached that elusive $10K MRR with my productised services. I made my first (and only) birdie in golf. I got engaged (which is something that people around me can relate to, a lot better than anything else going […]

How I got to this point in time

Writing has never been my forte. As a kid I always preferred math / physics / chemistry / name any other nerdy science 🤓. Writing always had too much room for interpretation for my liking. I was always quite artsy though & loved to draw – I can see how that’s a bit contradictory with […]

This year / 12021

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions and all that.. I recently started using a gratitude journal from these guys (they are really cool!) in an attempt to short circuit my subconscious a bit, as I found that my subconscious kinda likes to sabotage me (so I thought I’d have a go at sabotaging it […]

December’s product / Project #3

So for this month’s project I was going to productise a consultancy design thing.. buuut then I stumbled across something else that I find quite interesting. Twitter says I had an account since 2017 I remember making it when I had enough of facebook & the direction they were going in (which means I haven’t […]